Dishonoring Honor

A friend recently commented on a poster by the wonderful StandWithUs

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which was raising awareness of what the Muslim world call Honour Killings. You know right? When they take the brave and “honourable” decision that a woman no longer has the right to live as she has “dishonoured” the family/tribe. So “honourable” is this “honour” that sometimes she has the “honour” of being publically stoned to death. The women’s dishonourable “crimes” range from her being raped, to her husband merely accusing her of adultery to courting a man deemed unsuitable by the accusers; oops I mean her family and various other “crimes” that would not even make the gossip pages of the western media.

My good friend Aviva commented that we should not be adopting their term and calling it “honour” killings. Do you regard killing your own wife, sister or daughter as “honourable”? I certainly don’t and I don’t care about your culture, beliefs or religion. It is MURDER plain and simple. It is EVIL. Simply by parroting the terms (excuses) used by those who perpetrate such disgusting crimes against their own flesh and blood is almost akin to becoming apologists and accomplices to these heinous crimes.

Putting terminology aside a moment let’s look at this for what it is. We have established that this is murder. Seeing as this is such a primitive and barbaric practise simplifying what’s going on here is easy. It is the men killing a female relative to defend their illusionary honour that does not even exist in the first place. They are killing their female family victims for something that is a figment of their imagination. I think you will find that we are talking about their inflated egos, delusions of grandeur and superiority complexes. I have more honour in my baby toenail than all these barbarians put together.

Out of respect and honour to the victims of these crimes we must be more accurate with the term given to this act.

I would suggest the following
• Islamic Murder of Female Kin
• Islamic Egocentric Murder
• Muslim Murder of Female Kin
• Barbaric Murder of Kin
• Murder
• Killing
• Primitive Ritualistic Murder
• (suggestions welcome)

I don’t know about you but anyone who supports the murder of women as described above is a barbaric-sadistic-primitive-bigoted-narcissistic monster. With that description in mind, are we going to be dictated to by such monsters and have THEM impose their values and terminology onto us?
I reject their values with every fibre of my being. This is a sick value and I do not subscribe to sick values (you PC people get the hell out of here)

I offer my prayers to the heavens for the thousands of women who have been barbarically murdered, for the thousands who will be murdered and for those being murdered as I write this and you as you read this. May G-d have mercy on their souls and may he have no such thing for their murderers.

And finally I offer a prayer that someone, somewhere out there can solve the world’s biggest mystery of where are all the feminists on this issue? Surely they have the burn-the-bra phase out of their system by now? Some scholars out there are of the belief that the real revolution of The Middle East will come about with the emancipation of women over there. If anyone sees or hears these shy and retiring feminists, or you’re willing to gatecrash one of their self indulgent “we want equal pay to men” meetings then please take your megaphone and scream to the rooftops about their many sisters in dying (literally) need of their most urgent help.

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3 Responses to Dishonoring Honor

  1. z says:

    Clan sanctioned murder

  2. Silke says:

    From the little of what I read on it in Germany “they” send a son young enough to still come under juvenil jurisdiction to do the killing or claim that he did it, thereby adding child or youngster abuse to it.

    I haven’t yet come across anything that suggests that the law has found a way to hold the families adequately accountable.

  3. Judah says:

    It reminds me of hearing on the Israeli news that a girl was clubbed to death with a hammer by her boyfriend and that police suspect that it was done for “romantic reasons”. It gives romance a whole new meaning.

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