Kill Em’ with Some Love

I had the privilege and honour of being part of the spontaneous singing and dancing as caught on camera here

Now I don’t mean to gloat but my point mentioned here is further strengthened. Just look at the life in those Israeli tourists! They would have sung and danced all day if the police would have permitted! So would I! I absolutely loved it!

But not only is my point strengthened but it has confirmed my suspicions about the enemies of Israel particularly the rent-a-cause-lets-bully-a-Jewish-business-called-Ahava (Don’t even get me started on the pathetic campaigns they peddle, that’s for another post)

It would seem that it’s not our handing out of powerful fact based leaflets to counter their lies that infuriates them. Nor is it us speaking to the public. Nor do they get too excited about us going into the shop to purchase the goods (this will elicit a mere “shame on you” chanting in order to intimidate). Nor is it our chanting of anything. Nor is it when our numbers of counter protestors are substantial. Sure all of the above annoys them any triumphs on our part spoils their hate campaign but the smugness, arrogance and nasty chanting never subsides.

What gets them, what really kills them and makes the fire burn in their soul and causes their eyes to darken is a group of Jews singing and dancing about love and radiating joy and peace. This it would seem, is too much to bear. Funny old world isn’t it folks?

I’m a regular at these counter-demos. I have never ever ever seen the other side appear so lost and angry about anything. For example go to the second clip on the link from Richard Millets blog. The girl who shouts “Israel terrorist state” has always been so smiley and charming. She is always very cordial and polite to the public and pretty good at engaging them. I have spoken to her before and whilst we ignore each other now she never seems the aggressive type and compared to some is fairly moderate. However look how she loses it, look at the venom being spat out of her mouth and then she looks at the floor with a face like she is going to cry (I thought I saw a tear? 😉 )

I have been told by many wise people before that the way to counter hate is with love and lots of it. I believe that is what we witnessed yesterday. Kill em with some love. Ahava is after all, the Hebrew word for love.

Those tourists were fantastic. Israelis at their best! They exported some of that “life” I was telling you about in Israel and brought it to the streets of London right when we needed it. They sang it, they danced it, they radiated it and showed the other side that in Israel we sing songs of love, peace and joy and do not stoop to chanting corny cheap hate filled blahs.

What a stark contrast eh?

Just like the state of Israel shines a little too brightly for the liking of the countries in the region almost blinding them, looks like we shone too brightly for the forces of darkness on the other side. They’d do well to bring dark UV filtered sunglasses next time to protect themselves.

Am Yisrael Chai (sing that part)
(Oh and in case anyone is wondering, we sang the Tikva at the end for good measure)

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8 Responses to Kill Em’ with Some Love

  1. Judah says:

    The victory, as the writer of this excellent article explains, is exactly in the demoralization of the other side. Just look at their body language. One thrusts his eyes, head and whole being forward as if to profess amusement or curiosity. Another doesn’t even notice when he joins in with a Jewish song that he knows as if to say, “We can sing too.”

    It’s incredible to imagine that a random group of middle-aged Israeli tourist can intuitively, and in a minute, solve a dilemma that seems to have confounded the best minds of Anglo Jewry!

    It’s a great pity that all this takes place on a Shabbat, or I would suggest turning the Ahava shop into an Israeli tourist site and just as every visitor to Israel climbs Masada and puts a note in the Western Wall, every Jewish visitor to London would go and sing.

    There is a halachic prohibition against getting enjoyment from another Jew’s sin. Well, I have truly transgressed today.

  2. ebrrr34 says:

    I, the author of this piece, have just rated this article excellent (5 stars)

    That is my confession for today and yes I am a little ashamed.

  3. richardmillett says:

    A lovely piece.

  4. Silke says:

    isn’t the Sabbath rule suspended in times of warfare?

    and no matter how ridiculous the actions of these BDS-sers may seem when all is said and done they are part and parcel of a murderous all-encompassing military campaign as this piece
    makes only too clear.

  5. Ruth says:

    Couldn’t agree more! As Nachman of Breslov (and the song) says,
    כל העולם כולו גשר צר מאוד, והעיקר – לא לפחד כלל
    All the world is a very narrow bridge, and the most important thing is not to fear at all.
    Sing it, remember it, and LIVE IT!!

  6. Judah says:

    Hi Silke,

    In a word, “No”, the laws of Shabbat are never suspended. There are times when, because of extenuating circumstances, Jewish people are required to do things on Shabbat that they are not generally permitted to do. This follows the precept:

    “Break the Shabbat, in order to keep many more Shabbats.”

    This generally applies to either medical or security situations. However, counter-demonstrating against anti-Semites who are trying to stop people from buying Dead Sea products, though important, can not fairly be considered as answering an immediate existential threat, which could prevent someone from keeping many Shabbats. Moreover, I do believe that were the Zionists to make an effort, their activities could not be done without desecrating the Shabbat.

    Shabbat is not just a day of rest for those who want it, but to the Jewish people its observance is an eternal sign of the covenant between us and our Maker. A day of abstention from malachah (loosely translated as work) is one of the Jewish people’s greatest gifts to humanity and many have said that “More than the Jewish people have kept the Shabbat; the Shabbat has kept the Jewish people.”

  7. Silke says:

    Thanks Judah

    I once heard that the introduction of the Shabbat was the first time ever a day without work was for ALL, even for not-members of the aristocracy like myself. You can imagine how hearing that one gladdened my heart.

    Also not so long ago I chose in a discussion to be of the party that defended Sundays as shops closed days and amazed myself that the more I advocated for it the more really good arguments I found for one day a week has to be different.

    Moreover, I do believe that were the Zionists to make an effort, their activities could not be done without desecrating the Shabbat.

    That I don’t get?

    • Judah says:

      It’s kind of complicated and would mean explaining all the laws of Shabbat, a subject about which scores of books have been written.

      Basically, there is no reason not to demonstrate of Shabbat, the problems are:

      1. Transportation there and back are forbidden.

      2. It’s forbidden to carry objects in a public place.

      Both of these are problems that can be solved.

      All the best,

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