He Who Saves A Life…..

Picture the scene. Two doting parents returning from a late night showing at the cinema on a Saturday night. As they turn into their street at around one in the morning, they see in the distance flashing lights of what seems like an ambulance parked up ahead. No, wait a minute, there are also police lights there.

Approaching the scene they see that their house with their gorgeous baby inside is sealed off with police all over the place and the ambulance is parked outside. As the husband suddenly realises that it is their house where the alleged crime scene is, he carelessly pulls the car onto the kerb, partially blocking the whole road, leaves the engine running, and darts like an Olympic sprinter in a blind panic into the crime scene.

The officer holds his hand up to him and tells him to stay where he is. The husband is pleading and repeating “I live here, I live here, my baby is inside, what has happened?”

The wife is running close behind in her heels in dread and horror, her heart is in her mouth. The officer is sternly reprimanding the husband telling him that he cannot just run wildly like that into a crime scene. The husband does not hear nor care what the officer is saying. He just wants to be told that nothing has happened in their house where their baby was left, with her trusted baby sitter.

That, folks, is the scene that greeted us last night as we returned from watching the silly but funny new film, The Other Guys.

But this post is not about us. This post is about a young unsung hero. At this stage I don’t even know his name.

After calming down and being assured by our downstairs neighbour, who was there giving a statement to the police, that it is nothing to do with us, the story began to unfold.

However I, the wife, just went indoors to see my baby asleep, relieve the baby sitter and offer a prayer of gratitude that she was safe and well. Thank G-d. I almost cried with relief. I let my husband to deal with hearing the details.

Some of this is first-hand and some is second-hand but this is what we were told:

Directly outside our house a young girl was walking along the road when someone jumped on her. (This in itself is shocking as our street is not some small back alley but pretty busy). He (I am told a Romanian guy) pulled her to the ground and attempted to rape her. Right outside our house! She screamed and struggled.

A young boy who lives with his family two doors down (I am led to believe his is aged between 17 and 20) heard the screaming and struggling, he came outside and saw the commotion. He asked his mum what he should do and she told him to help (good woman). So he did just that.

Apparently not only did this young boy pull the guy off but he gave him a right good hiding! (hence the blood that was all over the floor). The rapist ran off into our downstairs neighbours’ back garden to escape, but thankfully was caught by the police and arrested.

My husband went a few doors down the street to meet the young unsung hero. He was there with his mum. She was quite shaken up and crying, but clearly quite proud of her boy. And so she should be! What a brave young man. The father of the girl was there too, thanking the boy and trying to make sense of everything. The police were also there  shaking the young boys hand and thanking him.

So, will he be given recognition for his courage?

The girl that he saved from rape was a young Israeli girl.

What do we, as a community propose to do to thank a young British non-Jewish youth for his bravery and for saving her from such a horrific savage act? It goes without saying that he would have helped anyone regardless of race or creed. This was simply a young guy doing the right thing. Doing the right thing, is a feat we cannot always be taken for granted in this day and age.

I intend to go and knock on their door in a few days to thank the young man and tell him how impressed I am with him and ask some questions.

Is it just me or is anyone else impressed with him? What would you have done?

If anyone has any ideas of how to show appreciation and encouragement to a young nameless unsung hero (even just writing letters etc) then please do come forward with them. He deserves more than just a handshake from the police.

All it takes for evil to triumph, is for a few good men to do nothing.

(some nice graphic pictures of the blood that is all over the pavement outside our house, the rain will wash it away)

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3 Responses to He Who Saves A Life…..

  1. Silke says:

    how about sending flowers with a thank you note? it is good to know that we have a neighbour like you note. I think if I were him I might prefer that to actually getting a visit surprising me maybe at an awkward moment

  2. Joy Wolfe says:

    Isn;t it awful that because of so many hoaxes one’s first reaction is to check is this for real!!
    If, as it no doubt is, you should check with the family if they actually want any publicity for this

    If they do he could be thanked in the Jewish newspapers or your local paper.
    Failing that maybe a few neighbours might like to share in giving him a gift token

    And you could also check with the police how you nominate him for a police bravery award

  3. Judah says:

    Show him this posting that you wrote. Tell him that people like him are the answer to all those who see only bad in the world and distrust everyone. Tell him that it was for the sake of such people that the world was created – because it was!

    I hope his mother’s tears were tears of joy, they should have been.

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