An Open Plea to Slumbering Ostriches

If Jews are forbidden from eating Ostrich, why are some so comfortable behaving like them?

Nu? Which camp did you fall into when you heard about the savage Anti-Semitic attack carried out by the aspiring cannibal at SOAS University UK yesterday?

When you heard about it, did you experience a stab of guilt that you were not there to help protect a fellow Jew? Did you reprimand yourself that you have been far too absent lately from the field? Sure in your university hey day you did some stuff here and there.  You may even attend some Zionist social events now and again. Was there a moment of regret that you had seen those emails and links flying about regarding such events but you just had so many other things to do, not helped by the fact that sometimes these things can be unpleasant…..Still, you are feeling now a little more willing to attend such events…?

I know, I know. Don’t worry. Busy? Me too. I challenge you to a game of “who has a fuller life?”. I bet you I win.  Plate full? Ha! Try overflowing.

Or on the other hand, did the attack send shudders down your spine? Ladies, did you turn to your respectable Jewish husbands and tell them, “I told you these things were bloody dangerous, don’t you dare even think of going to any of these events”. Or guys, perhaps  you “don’t need no lady telling what to do?” Maybe the attack sent shivers down your spine and you congratulated yourself on how damn right you were to stay with your head firmly burrowed deep in the sand.

Mind you guys, let us remind ourselves that when our head is so deeply buried in the sand like a proud ostrich, it raises ones backside a little higher thus helping our Enemies to aim perfectly and do the deed that my ladylike manners will not permit me to spell out. After all, why should we make it hard for them (if you pardon the pun that hopefully you’ve missed)? Let us assume the position and help them out! We are British after all. So damn accommodating.

So, which camp have you pitched your tent in?

Would it have made a difference to both camps if someone was G-d forbid ….killed?

Then what?

What additional sign are you waiting for to get out of your slumber? What would be your wake up call? A death? Where are my brothers and sisters and why did four go alone to the snake pit of SOAS? Why did we let them go there and not use our chutzpah to make it our business to see that they were safe, that enough were going there etc?  We’re good at sticking our nose into all sorts of things (don’t deny it, you know it’s true). Why don’t we stick our nose into this and make it our business to help out? My soul is restless and troubled with these questions and I am hoping that yours is too.

EVERYONE has a skill/talent that can contribute.

I also plead to those in their comfort zone of attending Zionist social events, concerts, purely educational events step outside their comfort zone and put it all to good use. Otherwise, frankly speaking, what is the point of grinding water and preaching to the converted at such pleasant events? Grow some balls! Get out there and join us! That goes for the ladies too despite the fact that many men would object to it (the growing balls part). Who’s asking them anyway? 😉

If you made it this far, give yourself a big pat on the back, your head a big shake to remove all that sand in your face and get in touch with Stand With Us Uk to see how you can get involved in reviving Israel Activism in this country. Sheer numbers alone will help us protect each other.

If we don’t look after each other, who will?

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3 Responses to An Open Plea to Slumbering Ostriches

  1. Silke says:

    great post !!!

    but I wish it would include a hint that non-Jews are welcome

    not that I have the wherewithal to show up in person but I refuse to believe that I am exceptional

  2. ebrrr34 says:

    Silke you are so very welcome and the point is that the masses of Jews could learn alot from you! Where are they?! Come in O ye non-Jews, you’re very welcome too!

    • Silke says:

      thanks – By now I feel assured that I will feel welcomed wherever I show up but I very much feared that I might be considered a tactless intruder when I switched from feeding stuff to pro-Israel journalists into “publishing” myself …

      we had this huge success for a book by a very silly and/or stupid man named Sarrazin who gave support to all who are fed up with getting labelled Islamophobes whenever they object to another of those demands Muslim Spokesmen make of us.

      A comparable something would be Jews demanding that Christians have to interrupt their pre-easter fasting and jolly up alongside them during Purim. Sounds absurd? well in real life school kids are asked to refrain from eating in school during Ramadan …

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