When Will They Learn? – Israeli Drivers

Yesterday we had a business meeting at 0230 in Tel Aviv. We set off in plenty of time and should have made it there in time.

Hitting heavy traffic on the main road around Ashdod and Yavne we turned on the radio to hear the traffic news. The reporter said that there had been a very serious accident at the next junction, resulting in delays of approximately an hour and half – the advice was to avoid going there at all costs.
As we crawled along, we wondered how bad it could be. We called ahead to our meeting to say we would be very late.

We finally approached and saw the area, cordoned off with police cars and no ambulances, then as we got closer, the two vans with the Logos of Zaka (a unit made up of orthodox men, specially trained and qualified to clean up all body parts, since in Judaism in order to bury the dead, all body parts must be accounted for)

We’d clearly got there in the aftermath, up ahead there was a big truck parked on the side. Other than being sure that there had been a fatality of some sort, it was hard to work out what had happened.

When we arrived to our business meeting, our acquaintance told us that she had just found out on the radio what had happened. A young married couple in their twenties had stopped on the side of the road to change a tyre and the truck had run them both over and killed them. She had been pregnant.

There are far too many road accidents in this country. The driving skills of many Israelis are horrifying, to say the least, and I dread the day when I will have to start driving in this country and enter its auto-jungle. Should I behave so many tailgating cutting in without warning? Is that the only way to survive the roads here?!

When will they learn? How many more lives will it take?

Quite poignantly yesterday we celebrated our third wedding anniversary. I thought about the couple who would be buried the next day and their mourning families while we were celebrating our anniversary last night.

Today’s newspapers showed today the couple’s wedding photo with the story behind it. What a waste. What a tragedy.

Dear Israeli’s please stop driving like a bunch of crazies. Yes, you should be offended. It is disgusting. We should all be ashamed.

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One Response to When Will They Learn? – Israeli Drivers

  1. Silke says:

    So you are in Israel – getting closer?
    May Luck be with you and really soon

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