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Kill Em’ with Some Love

I had the privilege and honour of being part of the spontaneous singing and dancing as caught on camera here Now I don’t mean to gloat but my point mentioned here is further strengthened. Just look at the … Continue reading

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So What’s your Solution?

I’m often asked by visiting journalists, politicians and academics as to what my solution is. I reject “the Two State Solution” and I’m not prepared for Israel to stop being a Jewish state. I wish neither to give citizenship to … Continue reading

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Dishonoring Honor

A friend recently commented on a poster by the wonderful StandWithUs which was raising awareness of what the Muslim world call Honour Killings. You know right? When they take the brave and “honourable” decision that a woman no longer has … Continue reading

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Let the Real Arab Please Stand up

Yesterday in class I noticed one of my Moslem students who I hadn’t seen recently. I asked her how she was and she blushingly explained that she’s been absent for two weeks because her mother had been sick. She came … Continue reading

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We Threw the Paint

We threw the red paint. Malcolm drove the car, Nick was there too. Before we left Edgware we made up an alibi, in the unlikely event of the police stopping us, searching the car and finding the paint. Someone said … Continue reading

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Calling an Arab an Arab

I recently posted about a Jerusalem Arab that I had met. A close friend commented that he had enjoyed what I had written, but he hadn’t liked the racist part. I was shocked as I’ve never considered myself to be … Continue reading

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Existence Is So Overrated.

I’m in Israel, it’s swelteringly headache inducing hot, I am covered in itchy mosquito bites, I have had my customary bizarre constant sneezing and sniffling symptoms since the minute I landed here and yet I love Israel more every time … Continue reading

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