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Gingy of Wadi el-Joz – Part Two – Judah

We begin the drive along Haneviim Street and soon get stuck in midday traffic. The windows are closed and the air conditioner works well, so we are not uncomfortable. I subtly return the subject to Gingy’s girlfriend. He explains that … Continue reading

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Gingy of Wadi el-Joz – Part One – Judah

Last month Amichai, our first-born son, called to say that the old car was stuck in Jerusalem and could not be moved. By his description I assumed it was something to do with the battery, so I took my loyal … Continue reading

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One Month to “West Bank to West End”

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Lemon and Lime

“Lemon and Lime” Is an allegorical rhyme, On conformity, hate and alienation The historical events So macabre and intense Are a lesson to avoid confrontation. What is more sardonic, Than a demented Teutonic Who conjured that nightmarish past With veiled … Continue reading

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My Confession – Judah

Okay, I’ll begin with a confession. My wife was in Berlin for a week last year, but I’ll get back to that later. Almost a decade ago, at the end of his tenth grade, the subject first arose when my … Continue reading

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The World Cup – A Settler’s Perspective

I have long detested football and the ball has returned my hate in any number of ways. As a child I made some half-hearted attempts to play but it was not to be. I don’t believe that I ever scored … Continue reading

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The work of the righteous is done by others

So, there I was handing out my leaflets outside Ahava when I generously treated myself to a quick fantasy. For a moment in time I was not sanctifying G-d’s name at our fortnightly counter-demonstration outside in Covent Garden, London. For … Continue reading

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