Trash Talk

Readers may find Trash Talk especially useful if they just want to slag each other off (within the confines of the law) unrelated to any particular posting.

The language used in this page is frequently offensive and coarse.


63 Responses to Trash Talk

  1. ebrrr34 says:

    Liquid prize for anyone who can tempt Gert onto the blog!

  2. Silke says:

    is there no bigger or more interesting fry to go fishing for than Mr. Smelly Feet?

    I read MelchettMike’s piece on him last night including all the comments and was amazed how long and to how many of the commenters his faluting language gave him a stature/status way above what he actually is. Gert is no gentleman no matter how hard he tries to talk like one.
    Contrary to what Gert says I don’t believe that that Foul Ibrahim’s blog has fallen silent because of my wittyness but because I or somebody else hit on something that might hurt his income generating

    contrary to Gert Fake Ibrahim seems to be gainfully employed. Therefore I’d gladly forgo the fun of inventing ever new insults for Gert, if I’d could find the chink that makes him shut down.

    as to luring Gert to this blog, that is probably easy, all you have to do link a piece of his where he actually says something himself, fisk it and let him know – he should show up as fast as lightening.

    • Silke says:

      correction of mangled sentence:

      I read MelchettMike’s piece on him last night including all the comments and was amazed how long and to how many of the commenters his high-faluting language seemed to signal a stature/status way above what he actually is

  3. Silke says:

    How about this as an image of Gert when he feels in the mood to hope futilly for playmates once again

  4. Silke says:

    Congrats – the chink in the picture on top is gone …

  5. Gert says:

    I don’t click, dear. If you had some sense, you’d create a tiny url or something like it, then you would see that. I don’t click.

  6. Judah says:


    I have both red and wine from a wonderful Maale Adumim winery. Another author of this blog sampled the white last week. We’d love to host you so much. What is all this crap about your traveling days being over? It’s one plane ride.


    I welcome you to our blog, please feel at home. We are believers in the freedom of expression and nothing you say will be edited. That was the courtesy that you extended to me and I shall gladly return it.

    Feel free to read our old postings and comment on them. Glad to have you here old mate!

  7. Gert says:

    Is this your blog Judah? To be entirely clear, do you own this or is it one of your pal’s?

  8. Judah says:

    This blog belongs to its author, myself, Silke and Nick. We are all very different people, Jewish, non-Jewish, men, women, Left and Right. Among other things we are united by the affection we feel towards you.

    Welcome once again!

  9. Gert says:

    This blog belongs to its author, myself, Silke and Nick.

    That doesn’t answer my question: is the author Judah or not?

  10. Judah says:

    Again this blog belongs to four people:

    1. Its author
    2. Silke
    3. Myself
    4. Nick

    Okay? Have a great week!

  11. Gert says:

    The one on the right could have been me some 55 years ago.

    BTW, that’s a Dutch page. I know you anglo-saxons have trouble distinguishing between Belgium, Flanders and The Netherlands but is a bit of a give away…

  12. Silke says:

    thanks for the compliment but surely you should have noticed that my English is not “anglo-saxon”.
    55 plus 6 or 8 or so makes you 61 or 63, so you lied to that nice Pakistani interviewer?
    I’m sure he will feel very disappointed if somebody should tell him that you are one of the not-trustworthy

  13. Gert says:

    Your powers of divination apart, you’ve a point there. I’m exactly the same age as Judah (a little riddle to keep you happy), but that kid seems about 5 to me.

  14. Silke says:

    can’t you go about fishing for info with a bit more expertise?

    and didn’t you just say that you didn’t want to debate me???

    trying to discuss Judah’s age with me is not debating?

  15. Judah says:

    Gert and Silke,

    Would you like me to make you a room of your own?

  16. melchettmike says:

    I am delighted that the unemployed Jew . . . sorry, Zionist-basher is finally getting into the spirit of things. It won’t be long now . . . I’ve booked my flights!

    My guess is he’s a Belgian Chocolate Fudge kinda guy . . . “packed” in an extremely small “cup”!

    In the name of factual accuracy we would point out that Gert has recently claimed to be gainfully employed. (Judah)

  17. ebrrr34 says:

    On behalf of all its authors we welcome the esteemed Melchettmike to our humble blog.

    Like his friend Gert, here he will be able to freely express all his opinions without fear of censor or editor.

  18. Silke says:

    thank you no, actually currently I am utterly bored with Gert, as far as I am concerned he has become all too predictable. I could write his comments for him while reading something truly interesting at the same time.

  19. Judah says:

    A bore perhaps, but has anyone tried Gert’s Summer Chicken?

    Sounds scrumptious!

    In his revolutionary thesis Gert suggests what I have long suspected that increasing the marinating time does not necessarily improve flavor absorption. It appears that the Law of Diminishing Returns may apply here too.

    I am oft to cut slits into the chicken pieces before putting them to marinate. Done well, this can also create a pleasing visual effect.

    If anyone’s interested we cold add a cookery page to the blog. My stuffed fillets of chicken thighs are quite well known in Judea, Samaria and have even established a name for themselves within the Green Line.

  20. Silke says:

    my chemist colleagues always told me that they are very good at baking I have tried to pump Gert recently on advice to no avail …
    I think he needs the Callas-treatment who if I remember correctly claimed in an interview no longer available on iTunes that she is quite a cook herself
    – in short Gert is like a primadonna … unpredictably capricious
    btw Maria Callas speaking voice amazingly enough is rather unattractive which proves once again that even the divine aren’t perfect.

  21. Silke says:

    “Sounds scrumptious!”


    what about the skin? nothing like well spiced crunchy chicken skin

    I always assume that the “with outers” of such delights are in with the anti-obesity police (“At first they came for the smokers but I did not speak out as I did not smoke. Then they came for the binge drinkers but I said nothing as I did not binge. Now they have an obesity strategy.”

    Our filleted chicken thighs come skinned. They are stuffed with red onion, garlic, fresh mushrooms, dried tomatoes and pine nuts – all which have been cooked in white wine. (JB)

  22. melchettmike says:

    Thank you for the warm welcome, ebrrr34 . . . and for allowing me express my opinion – “without fear of censor or editor” – that the eponymous “Judah” is the actual “Ma’ale Ben-Yosef.”

  23. melchettmike says:

    Hold on a minute . . .

    ebrrr34 wrote this morning:”On behalf of all its authors we welcome the esteemed Melchettmike to our humble blog. Like his friend Gert, here he will be able to freely express all his opinions without fear of censor or editor.”

    But I have already been censored/edited: I wrote “Ma’ale” Marks . . . not “Ma’ale” Ben-Yosef!!

    You are quite correct. (JB)

  24. Gert says:


    In his revolutionary thesis Gert suggests what I have long suspected that increasing the marinating time does not necessarily improve flavor absorption.

    My namesake is right: my own vast empirical evidence with marinades shows that the difference between 1/2 hour and overnight is negligible.

    • Silke says:

      your namesake?

      the link on the site leads directly to your website

      suffering from memory loss already? aren’t you a bit young for it? on the other hand there are drugs said to have that effect.

  25. Gert says:

    A Jew and an SS guy are on a train. Says the SSer, ‘I know you’re a Jew but I mean you no harm, just tell me how come you guys are so clever.’

    Jew: ‘No, no, we’re not clever at all. Weak and diseased, remember? Please spare me…’

    SS: ‘Don’t fool around with me. Tell me how come you lot are so clever and I’ll let you go’.

    Jew: ‘Okay then. It’s because we eat a lot of fish heads. Here, I can sell you some’. He sells the SSer some fish heads, originally destined for his cat. They part company.

    The week after they meet on the train again.

    SS: ‘Listen, you Jew bastard, it didn’t work at all, I don’t feel any cleverer, you conned me!’

    Jew: ‘You see? It’s beginning to work!’

  26. Silke says:

    cool it Gert cool it
    – exuberant you are even more disgusting than when you are try to be disgusting

    to the others:
    talking about jokes this is my favourite (as is the site of course – so many good looking men which makes me guess that Israelis are not only beautiful when they are young but mature in an attractive way just like good wine does.

  27. Silke says:

    as to pellet guns, Google tells me this – doesn’t sound like it is a safe to trust a guy with it whose relations to reality are at best shaky

    it is still capable of seriously injuring or killing a person so you need to be careful with it.

  28. Silke says:

    just today I heard another one of the negotiators of the Ireland peace telling in the BBC how easy it all is if one only wants to
    and now I read this really fine post – enjoy!

    also I heard this today:

    Father Gary Donegan describes in a BBC Best of Today from mid-July rioting in Belfast where boys are “acting up for the girls” and then put their feats up on social networks.

    He described the whole thing as


    The rioters are as young as 9

  29. Silke says:

    early morning thought:

    the stolen moniker saga turns out to be a rather perfect and simple example on how the Gerts of this world operate:

    a truth is told
    truth is denied unless proof is provided
    proof is provided
    they shut up
    subject surfaces again in another context
    truth is denied unless proof is provided
    repeat presentation of proof is denied
    they claim they have proved that truth is not a truth

    Isn’t a similar thing going on with the Goldstone “report”?

  30. Silke says:

    Maybe if ghastly Gert would be allowed to take one of those courses …
    Female Paratrooper Instructors Share Their Experiences Serving in the IDF, 23 Aug 2010

    I know that you don’t click, Gert, and that is how it should be because the video is way too good to be wasted on you.

  31. Gert says:

    ‘A Russian Stole My Popsicle’s’ Moniker, I mean that Silke cannot produce the empirical evidence that should be so easy to produce.

    Very well. I’ll give it another 24 h, then comb through the relevant HB threads myself to see for myself about your ‘evidence’. That there was someone who tried to imitate you is true, I saw that. But nothing else. Are you sure you didn’t lose simply your own username and password? Or chose a really ridiculous combination like UN = ‘silke’, PW = ‘silke’ and that some schmuck tried it and got lucky? Ordinary theft is a lot easier than moniker theft.

    Either way, you MUST file a complaint to Google and see where it gets you. I’ve nothing to hide.

  32. Gert says:

    Pisschoirboy Dannenbaum:

    Birdie told me that Mickey Belchy is about as menacing as a baby’s bottom. Said birdie also had the decency to remove the threatening comments from his WordPress blog. Will you follow suit or would the Righteous One like to see his blog be taken down in defence of extreme ‘free’ speech?

  33. Silke says:

    in my experience this is a normal reaction for Gert when he feels he’s been caught

    it seems we are doing something right

  34. Gert says:

    Well, well, well. What have we here:

    It would appear that I was indeed remembering wrongly and that Silke for the last ten or so comments at The Hasbara Buster used a Google moniker, which is here and seems intact:

    It’s also clear that *** made her very last comment (so far) on July 10, 2010 8:30 AM:

    using said moniker, the profile of which is unavailable to the general public (a practice those who protect their own privacy often use).

    So where, pray tell, is the evidence of theft? The moniker it seems is still live and functioning! I see no complaints about it having been stolen either. None.

  35. Silke says:

    I goofed it again at Richard’s inserting two links – so I try now here whether the same rule applies – all in all it’s great news, Gert has thrown some real geeky light on the stolen moniker story.

    thanks Gert that was very instructive …
    so whoever commented under my moniker presumably proceded like that. He, lets assume it is a he, after all no she could be so smart , set up his own Google profile as a Silkie instead of a Silke which Google naturally had no objection to and then after having commented a couple of times under that moniker changed it into Silke. Why else would both come up with the same URL? In my book in the context of comments at Fraudster Ibrahim that makes it still theft.
    btw here is my last genuine comment under the Google moniker Silke – thanks for reminding me how much fun I had imagining those tattoos. (The link you provide at 2:25 is from page 1, the comments spill over to page 2, playing dumb like that is really beneath you)

    great news about Gertie just in
    “he does NOT have a tattoo on his left …”
    just like he does NOT try to monetize his blog
    lots of “nots” one has to keep in mind about GertieDear
    July 10, 2010 12:18 PM

    and here’s the URL for both Silkie and stolen Silke in case somebody’s interested.

    and all these weeks since July 11, 2010 12:56 AM Gert has been telling us that stealing a moniker at Google is extremely hard, doesn’t seem so any longer.

    Now Gert has to tell us what he has implemented to prevent us from playing that trick on him? Not that I’d think him worth the trouble, Daniel is right nothing can highlight the attractiveness of the pro-Israel crowd better than Gert’s insane rants. And last but not least as long a Gert doesn’t tell me how to prevent that happening again I can never do him the honour of saying something nice about something he writes on his blog – ooops that is if he ever writes something instead of unadorned copy and paste.

  36. melchettmike says:

    “Birdie” is scared of his own shadow, Ghastly, is worried about being implicated in any way in our ice cream get-together, and even called me to beg me to “leave it”.

    But if it helps you sleep at nights . . .

  37. Gert says:

    Who’s “Birdie”, Belchie?

  38. Gert says:

    You want an ice cream with me? Tell me where and when. Remember, that assault is an imprisonable offense. The Israeli embassy will not be able to help you out with that. Britain may want to hold a hand above the heads of Israel’s war criminals but not above yours.

  39. melchettmike says:

    Who said anything about “assault”? Don’t get paranoid on me now, Ghastly!

    You have been very quick to insult me from behind the safety of your keyboard. Now, I – quite reasonably, I think – want to witness the same confidence in person . . . over that ice cream.

  40. melchettmike says:

    Silke, I wonder if you’ve seen this little exchange (makes interesting reading) . . .

    Search: “Gert”

  41. Silke says:

    let me tell you how Gert’s brain works once he’s entered free association mode – does the NHS pay for the real psychoanalysis? – so once he has settled in that I lie on the couch mode his brain goes
    popsicle, popsicle, POPSICLE – scream, sweat, scream

  42. melchettmike says:

    I’m gonna contact this Sentinel guy. I like him. And I reckon he might be up for an ice cream, too!

  43. Gert says:

    And need I remind you pair of plonkers what a long standing Zionist opponent of mine called Bacon Eating Atheist Jew (look it up, it’s a blog) thinks of The Sentinel? Cuntisent is in the gallery of ‘Jew Paranoid Internet Freaks’ on that blog. Many ruminations of Mr ‘White Race is Best’ are to be found on BAEJ’s blog. He was a friend once, but turned out to be a racid Arabophobe… Here:

    The Sentinel is listed as ‘Mentally Ill Hypocrite From Britain’


  44. Silke says:

    the above is typical Gert
    – as soon as he sees two people having a nice chat he tries to barge in and assumes that I’d click on stuff he recommends.
    – that’s probably why he has no playmates, he is so intruding, so forever always wanting to be number 1 that no group of peaceful playing people will tolerate him unless as stooge of course.

    When I first met the bunch at Fraudster Ibrahim I clicked on their beloved Lawrence of Cyberia (what a presumption) and Jews sans Frontières (another one) – short looks at the dirt told me that any address from Gert I didn’t know beforehand wasn’t worth my time.

  45. Silke says:

    I’ve looked at Gert’s last stutter again – his way of threatening people is really quite peculiar, it makes me wonder how long he lasted at that job Google says he had in 2000 at that rubber or so outfit .

  46. melchettmike says:

    Thank you, Judah.

    As I think you know, I don’t make threats.

    Ice cream, however, is a promise!

  47. Silke says:

    could you please free my comment at yesterday 3:28 from moderation – thank you.

    If you don’t know how to do it, please let me know, then I will split the text and post it as twos with one link per item only

  48. Silke says:

    howdy Gert,
    as you are so impatient as to the result of your kind help as to the moniker-stealing-enigma at Fraudster Ibrahim’s there are news:

    Richard has taken my comment out of moderation
    … and I am really looking forward to further advice from you as to possible methods of prevention. You really seem to have some of the knowledge a geek should have. But if it wasn’t you who took over the moniker to date you have shown nothing much out of what one expect even of one only mildly interested in it.

  49. Gert says:

    Ask Dannenbaum, he owns the joint.

  50. Silke says:

    I’ve noticed that whenever Gert descends into sewerism he feels cornered
    – this one is strange though
    – should my story how the moniker take-over probably happened bother him?

    Is he trying to tell us that he is not geek enough to have had the knowledge to pull that one off? (provided of course it happened the way I guess it did)

    or does he not know how to prevent that happening again, thereby proving that even his geekdom isn’t all what he normally claims it is?

  51. Gert says:

    or does he not know how to prevent that happening again, thereby proving that even his geekdom isn’t all what he normally claims it is?

    My Tinkerwebs geekdom is limited to knowing most HTML tags. It doesn’t stretch remotely to breaking Google’s firewalls.

  52. Silke says:

    My Tinkerwebs geekdom is limited to knowing most HTML tags.

    and based on that Gert has claimed to be a Geek and proud of it!!!

    wherever one pokes, Gert turns out to be less than drittklassig (3rd class)

    strange concept of what constitutes a Geek – knowing HTML tags qualifies for Geekdom, I’m sure I get huge hoots of laughter out of that from my old colleagues in the IT-department.

    No wonder his own website looks so cluttered and uninviting.

    Gert: all of us own this website together! – whom we saddle with administrative duties is no signifier as to ownership

  53. Silke says:

    .“The first option is for you to come down from your tower of pride and sit like polite children and talk… “

    that’s a (no doubt mistranslated;-)) quote from Mr. Ahmadinejad. A medal who first recognizes it in the language preferred by one of our commenters on this thread!

  54. Silke says:

    over at Richard’s Gert is all in a state over my moniker sleuthing. He tries to deny the comment exists, so I guess there must be something in it, which he doesn’t want known and therefore I recommend reading it, especially if somebody should happen to know a truely savvy Geek.

    also I guess that the purpose of his ridiculous popsicle rants is to destroy a blog. Since he is too thick to get under anybody’s skin in a socially acceptable way he does the outrageous number. Also he has now switched to calling popsicle father. Therefore I claim another victory in the language war against Gertiebaby, pimply at that stage of existence or not.

  55. Gert says:

    Stop whining and make the comments that didn’t make it through moderation again. Use only one link per comment.

    You’re a crashing bore.

  56. Silke says:

    again Gert proves that his reading abilities are below mediocre

    – here is the comment at 3:28 from yesterday out of moderation and stop writing lies that are so obvious

    the tactic is boring and probably even more below your usual standards than your popsicle now upgraded to father rants.

    This moniker thing must really really give you the jitters, why else would you try to claim over and over that the comment doesn’t exist – very suspicious behaviour – when did you have your last mental health check-up? or are those unheard of in the UK?

  57. Gert says:

    Put your money where your stinking mouth is and complain to Google.

  58. Silke says:

    actually I find Gert’s claim that without a Zionist husband I couldn’t take the stand I do an insult

    his popsicling rants are just insane but make me wonder what his current project partners (if it is true that he is actually involved in something gainfully) may think about his general trustworthiness, if they should happen to stumble upon such over the top screamings.

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